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Vehicular Homicide DUI Sentence: 12 Years

An Aurora resident was recently sentenced to 12 years in prison for a vehicular homicide DUI in which she hit a pedestrian and fled the scene. The woman claimed that she was unaware of the accident and had no recollection of hitting anyone. DUI is serious and you need representation you can trust and deserve! […]

Illinois Mayor Arrested for DUI

A DUI is a DUI, no matter who you are or what positions you hold. An Illinois mayor was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence shortly after delivering his State of the Village speech. After the booking was complete, the mayor had a few words with the police chief of his village. An […]

DUI Checkpoints Tonight in San Diego

Even though recreational marijuana is legal in the state of California, it does not mean there aren’t limitations on how much you can have in your system or be in possession of. San Diego police have announced that drivers can get a DUI for substances other than alcohol. Tonight there will be a checkpoint somewhere […]

DUI Incidents This Weekend

Much like Thanksgiving and Christmas, police are on high alert for people driving under the influence on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  With New Year’s Day falling on a Monday, people have been celebrating all weekend and DUI incidents are already higher than they were last year.  Learn about some local police activity […]

Checkpoint Locations for this Veterans Day weekend in North County, including San Diego and Los Angeles, California

  Veterans Day is a day to honor those who have served in our Armed Forces, however it can also be a time for increased risks of accidents and DUI’s.   Local DUI Checkpoints Text Message & Email Location Alerts   California DUI Checkpoints Recent Alerts Click here to stay up-to-date with the newest checkpoints, […]

Don’t Drink and Drive This Halloween

Halloween is officially on Tuesday, but we know people will be out celebrating this weekend.  With large crowds expected in the social scene around San Diego and North County, you can also expect a larger-than-normal police presence.  With that said, please celebrate responsibly!  Make plans to have rides so you don’t drink and drive.  The […]

New Technology Hoping to Stop DUIs From Happening

Jefferson County in the state of Kentucky is adapting new technology for people charged with a DUI to wear in hopes that they will never drive under the influence again. Similar to an ankle bracelet, the machine tracks one’s blood-alcohol content (BAC). If someone who has gotten a DUI before is wearing one, the county […]

The Damage of Driving Under the Influence

If someone makes the decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle while being under the influence, the consequences affect more than just that person. Take the news story below for an example. A man hit and damaged 27 vehicles in one night while driving under the influence. That is at least 27 other […]

Mystery DUI Checkpoint Planned for the Weekend

If you will be out and about this weekend, think twice about drinking and driving. The San Diego Police Department announced they will be setting up a DUI checkpoint somewhere in the area. Any time you are drinking you should have a safe way home or to your next destination planned. Why not start thinking […]