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If you get charged with a DUI, it is imperative to hire a reputable criminal defense attorney who possesses many years of experience in managing DUI cases. There are numerous outcomes to a DUI charge, with the most favored being dismissal of the case. Other possible outcomes include having the charge lowered, being sentenced with no time to serve, or securing a deal that requires you to spend the least amount of time in jail as possible.

What happens when a person gets charged with a DUI?

When a person gets charged with a DUI, they may or may not have to go to jail. There’s also the chance that the offender’s driver’s license will be suspended, but this depends on the details of the case as well as how many prior DUI convictions the person has. First-time offenders usually don’t receive a harsh penalty of any kind, except for a hefty fine. A DUI conviction can also result in having to pay higher insurance premiums for several years.

What happens when an offender is charged and convicted of a DUI?

A convicted charge of DUI will typically come with several consequences, with one of them being a loss of driving privileges. The length of time a person will not have the legal right to drive will follow the below outline:

  • First offense for offender under 21 BAC .01: 1 year suspension
  • First offense for offender 21 or over BAC .08: 4 month suspension
  • Second offense 21 or over BAC .08: 1 year suspension
  • First offense 21 or over with refusal: 1 year suspension
  • Second offense 21 or over refusal: 2 year suspension

The most common way to extend the penalties and fines accompanied with any type of DUI conviction is to drive on a suspended license. If you are in need of transportation to work, medical appointments, or church-related activities, a hardship license of some sort can likely be obtained.

Call us today to learn more about the processes involved in a DUI case. While some cases are handled in the matter of only a few days, there are others that take months, possibly even years, to close. With a highly-qualified DUI attorney, though, you can take comfort in knowing a solution to the charge is attainable.

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