Multiple DUI Defense

Multiple DUI Defense

In the state of California a person with previous DUI convictions that receives another DUI arrest is considered a Multiple DUI perpetrator. Each consecutive DUI has harsher consequences than the prior incident.

Driving laws have become distinctly more severe in the past years. Longer prison and probation sentences are enforced and it is more than difficult to receive a restricted license that allows an individual to travel from home to work and other necessary places.

In numerous states Habitual Violator Laws are applied; individuals with three or more offenses are subject to the results of these laws and often times find themselves losing their basic civil rights. The privilege to vote and own specific weapons can be revoked. In the situation that an individual’s license is taken away said individual must go through DUI school and be assessed by a counselor before they are able to receive their license back.

Individuals driving under the influence that cause motor vehicle accidents are now held completely responsible for the damages and costs; added to the penalty costs of drinking and driving this money can become incredibly excessive.

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