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A 20mph DUI Chase?

No DUI arrest is a laughing matter, as they are serious charges, and can driving under the influence can also lead to possible injury to yourself, or others. In some cases though, it is a head scratcher when you read the details, such as a 68 year old leading police on a 20 mph chase […]

Two DUIs In One Day

Getting charged with a DUI is enough to put a serious dent on one’s life, and day. There is not much more that can be done to ruin your day when you get charged with a DUI. We say not much more, because there are a couple things that can make it worse. Such as […]

Man Hurts Girl And Gets DUI

Many times people who get a DUI are worried and ashamed that they got in trouble. Too many times people forget about the consequences their actions could have on OTHER people. This man in Arizona did exactly that, when he injured a girl in a traffic collision, because he was under the influence of alcohol. […]

False Beliefs About Drinking

There seem to be many common thoughts that people have about drinking alcohol that are widely believed, but, in fact, are not true.  We are here to set the record straight so that people can stay safe if they choose to drink alcohol.  There are proven facts in the article below that debunk five myths.  […]

Repeat DUI Offender in San Francisco

A 43-year-old man with at least seven prior DUI convictions was arrested on what could be his eighth DUI offense. The man was driving over 60 mph in a 40 mph zone when he was pulled over by officers. Not only was the man under the influence, his license was suspended and an open container […]

Tiger Woods Probation Ends A Month Early

In case you forgot about the incident last summer, professional golfer Tiger Woods was arrested for DUI back in 2017. Woods was experiencing a spiral of unfortunate events prior to his arrest. His probationary period was cut short after completing his regular and special conditions. Are you surprised with this outcome? Tiger Woods can throw […]