Underage DUI Defense

Underage DUI Defense

Underage drinkers are more prone to binge drinking which not surprisingly results in higher blood alcohol content levels, often five times the legal limit of .08. In many states underage drinkers would be considered for a DUI at the BAC of .02. Other states enforce a zero tolerance policy.

Consequences in different states are one of or a combination of the following: fines of thousands of dollars, community service, drug/alcohol education meetings, and a license suspension of a year or more is often seen as well. Some cases require the individual to have jail time and this could be anywhere from 24 hours to a year followed by a number of years on probation.

These consequences can easily affect an underaged persons life at the time of the incident as well as in the future. College applications, job applications, and financial aid are subject to full knowledge of information regarding the criminal offense of driving while intoxicated.

In the state of California, Underage drinkers are held to the “No-tolerance policy”. Any alcohol content above 0% would result in a one year license suspension, a fine depending on your BAC, DUI School, Probation, and/or Jail Time.

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