Felony DUI Defense

Felony DUI Defense

Usually DUIs are considered to be misdemeanors but some details about a DUI arrest can make the conviction a felony. A DUI is liable when an individual has a BAC of .08 percent, twice that amount or .16 percent is then considered a felony. Not every state enforces this but at the least stricter consequences are applied in the event of a higher BAC.

If an intoxicated driver is accused of inflicting bodily injury of another individual the conviction can also be raised to a felony. In the state of California, however, the prosecution is tasked with the responsibility of proving that the individual was harmed as a result of the intoxicated driver. Felony convictions may also occur if the indicated individual has multiple previous DUIs or a certain amount of DUIs in a specific amount of time. Another felony DUI requires driving under the influence with a child present in the vehicle. In the state of California the child involved would be 14 years or younger. Finally a DUI conviction could be considered felony if the individual is driving with a suspended license.

The consequences regarding felony DUIs are vastly more severe and can result in 1-3 years of prison time, colossal fines, and a suspended license for a number of years. Ultimately a felony DUI conviction would be devastating and it is imperative to speak with an experienced legal consultant as soon as possible.

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