First Time DUI Defense

First Time DUI Defense

In the case of a first time offense, a license suspension issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles immediately follows an arrest. To counter this suspension you must request a DMV hearing within the first ten days after the arrest.

On top of the immediate consequences the court will likely enforce hefty fines and/or jail sentences, probation time after added license suspension time, as well as a specified number of meetings in an alcohol awareness program. Individuals also have to carry SR22, an auto insurance policy specifically meant for DUI offenders. This policy is not only required for three years it is also incredibly costly.

If you have been convicted of a DUI the prosecution is tasked with proving three things beyond a reasonable doubt. If these three things aren’t proven your case must be dismissed; The officer that issued the arrest must have had appropriate reason to stop you. Second, your blood alcohol level must violate the state’s legal limit while you were driving. Finally, the arrest must have been permissible.

DUIs can greatly impact your career and future. Many companies that offer jobs with driving requirements would rather hire someone with a clean criminal record and your current job may release your employment because of the recent conviction.

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