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A DUI for Caffeine

Everyone knows that you can be stopped for suspicions of driving under the influence if you are displaying unsafe driving behavior. You should also know that other substances besides alcohol or illicit substances can make you behave in ‘not normal’ ways. A California man was pulled over last year because of this and the only […]

DUI Prevention Grant

2017 will shape up to be busy for the San Diego Sheriff’s Department.  They recently received a grant with hopes to prevent more citizens from driving under the influence. Read more about the grant in the article below. San Diego Sheriff’s Dept. Awarded DUI Reduction Grant The $250,000 grant will fund a year’s worth of […]

New Drunk Driving Law in California

Governor Brown recently signed a new Bill establishing a new drunk driving law in the state of California.  An ignition interlock device will be required for variable amounts of time for those with any number of DUI offenses. The new law will not go into effect until 2019, but news of this serves as a […]

DUI and Hit-and-Run

Just under two years ago, two Los Angeles police officers arrested a driver for a hit-and-run, but allegedly failed to conduct DUI procedures as witnesses say the driver was very drunk. The officers are now being accused of one felony count each and could face prison time. If anyone is drunk and gets behind the […]

New DUI Law Questioned in Pennsylvania

A law was recently passed by the Supreme Court forcing police officers to have a warrant to conduct blood alcohol tests after pulling an individual over for a suspected DUI. The interpretation of this law is worrisome to PA residents because those who have previously had a blood test, and therefore were charged, might now […]

Listen up Moms and Dads

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare to have their child killed. We are biologically programmed to do anything to keep our children alive and one way that we can do that is to be extra vigilant before and during the time that they start driving. In addition to teaching them the rules of the road, we […]

An unfortunate side effect of legalizing marijuana

The legalization of marijuana is a hotly disputed topic. For the first time in decades, recreational marijuana is completely legal in a handful of states like Washington. Many other states are beginning to take similar measures in a path towards legalization but there is one unpleasant side effect that not many people think of. Whether […]