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The Damage of Driving Under the Influence

If someone makes the decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle while being under the influence, the consequences affect more than just that person. Take the news story below for an example. A man hit and damaged 27 vehicles in one night while driving under the influence. That is at least 27 other […]

Mystery DUI Checkpoint Planned for the Weekend

If you will be out and about this weekend, think twice about drinking and driving. The San Diego Police Department announced they will be setting up a DUI checkpoint somewhere in the area. Any time you are drinking you should have a safe way home or to your next destination planned. Why not start thinking […]

Avoid Driving on these 10 Days

Yahoo Autos May 12, 2015 1.Memorial Day weekend This holiday is often considered the start of summer, and in most years, it is a bad day to drive. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 400 people a year die during a typical Memorial Day weekend, and on average there […]

Former “Bachelor” Has Past of Alcohol Offenses

This week, former “Bachelor” Chris Soules was arrested for leaving the scene of a fatal accident without alcohol related charges. However, he has a past of a DUI and other alcohol related charges that do not look very good now. This is a great example of how your past can creep up on you, especially […]

Adding More to DUI Checkpoints

We are used to hearing about DUI checkpoints around the state and country on busy weekends due to holidays or other events. Those checkpoints usually consist of breathalyzer tests and sometimes field sobriety tests as well. Now, however, some checkpoints incorporate a mouth swab testing for other substances besides alcohol if impairment is suspected. Learn […]

A Kentucky DUI Bill

There is a lot of debate throughout the Kentucky legislature about a new bill involving first-offense DUI convictions. Some lawmakers think it would “discourage risky behavior” while others think it is unfair to keep a first DUI on one’s record for their entire life. Read the article by following the link below its introduction below […]

DUI Checkpoints

This weekend will be like any other as police and local law enforcement set up DUI checkpoints around Southern California. If you plan on being out and about in Orange County please DO NOT drink and drive as the checkpoints pointed out in the article below will occur. You can expect checkpoints to pop up […]